Top 5 Best Mini Air Cooler UAE 2020

1. Personal Air Cooler, Hamkaw

  • Creative Air Cooler Box
    Upgrade 3-in-1 Multi-function design, this personal space cooler can be used as a fan when without water if add water, you can use it as air humidifier. And when you add ice water, it will greatly lower room temperature, bring you a super cool and fresh summer.
  • Convenient Hanging Handle
    No space for our Air Cooler? Don’t worry, we designed the practical handles for you, you can easily hang the fan in the wall or doors, and you will have a better cooling effect by hanging a little higher!
  • 3 Fan-Speed Adjustable
    Three wind speed for your choice (high, medium, low), simply pour the water into the removable water tank, the 380ml water tank produces humid air.
  • Cooling Whole Night
    The easy-fill tank can last for 3-8 hours. (Related to the humidity of the current environment) This evaporative air cooler allows you to create your own personal cooling space.
  • Ultra-quiet & Widely Use
    The noise level of Hamkaw personal air conditioner fan is very low, with USB power input, perfect for use in office, home, travel, and driving.

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2. Antarctic Air Cooler Digital LCD Screen 5 Speed Adjustment USB Portable Fan

Air Cooler Digital LCD Screen with 5 Speed Adjustment USB Portable Fan with some amazing features. This Air Cooler has the specification below:

  • Weight: 1.2KG
  • Depth: 20CM
  • Height: 21CM
  • Width: 20CM
  • Color: White
  • Filter Type: Pleated
  • Cooling Capacity: Less than 3000 BTU
  • Model Number: Arctic Air-2
  • Type: Portable

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3. Hamkaw Air Cooler Portable Mini Fan Evapolar Humidifier Portable

  • Three-in-one function:
    With refrigeration, humidification and air purification functions in one device, saving money for buying a humidifier, air purifier. Also keeps your house away from the mess of being filled with kinds of items.
  • Adjustable:
    Three wind speeds (high, medium, low) can be adjusted, enable to get to 5-8 degree, you can choose the most suitable one to enjoy your leisure time, sleeping or working time.
  • 7 colors LED lights:
    There are 7 different LED colors, choose your favorite one can help with the better sleep and can be used as a night light.
    The small size(5.9*5.98*7.28 inch) and lightweight (about 0.88kg), easy for carrying and moving from your office to your home and so on.
  • USB charge:
    It can be charged through USB, which is convenient to take it to any place, even outside when your family goes for a vacation

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4. Air Cooler Small Air Conditioning Appliances Mini

  • Weight: 500g
  • Depth: 20cm
  • Height: 21cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Brand: Other
  • Color: Blue
  • Filter Type: Pleated Cooling
  • Capacity: 12000 – 18000
  • BTU Model Number: AD-90
  • Type: Portable

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5. Volwco Air Cooler Portable, Mini Air Cooler

    The portable personal air conditioner combined with refrigeration, humidification, and air purification functions in one device, which keeps you away from hot weather, dry air and reduces allergens, dust and smoke, allowing you to create a personal comfort zone. Cool humidifier is ideal for traveling and camping. Suitable for homes, offices, dorm room, outdoor picnics, etc as well. Just press the switch and enjoy the cool air.
    Portable air conditioner humidifier with an air purifier can be adjusted from 1 to 99 speeds, and you can choose the most suitable one to create your own personal cooling zone. The adjustable air vents pivot to direct the cool air where you want it.
    Mini air conditioner is 7.16 inch high and weighs 1230g, and you can carry it anywhere you want to go. The USB mini portable air conditioner humidifier purifier is ideal for travel, car trip, which can be powered by a laptop, power bank, etc, so you can run this portable mini air conditioner anywhere you like.
    Ice air cooler is environmentally friendly and low energy consumption and auto shut off when out of water for safe use. Portable space cooler uses no ozone-depleting refrigerants, this HEPA air conditioner is really space-saving and economic as a simple small air conditioner humidifier purifier.
    Air personal space cooler with humidifier and air purifier has a water tank which can be filled with water or ice-water mixture or other aromatherapy liquid. The 1000ml water tank keeps your room cool for up to 10 hours. A built-in indicator of fan humidifier will alert you when it’s time to refill the tank

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