Top 5 App for Every UAE Resident

mPay –  The very first app in our list is mpay. With this app, Every UAE Resident Can pay for Dewa, Etisalat and du bills; Dubai Police fines; Salik and NOL recharge; and Dubai Customs and Dubai Municipality services. It’s an easy way to manage everything and, most of all, a very secure payment alternative. You can easily pay the bills in a click and no need to be worried anymore.

Wojhati – Second, you must have this app from the RTA is a very essential tool for those without their own vehicle, especially those who move around often. It Views timetables of Dubai Buses and Dubai Metro, easily view your transport options from where you are and where you’re headed and even plan in advance – complete with how much it’ll cost you (taxi options included). Moreover, It has an augmented reality feature; fire it up and point your mobile to see what stops/stations are near you which really helps every Resident of Emirate.

Makani – Third, you should download this app of smart geographic addressing system from Dubai Municipality exactly pinpoints the exact location of a building, using only a 10-digit combination (a Makani Number, eg, 12345 67890); go ahead and enter it on Google Maps. This is critical for the likes of deliveries or taxi trips and is also a way of resolving language barriers. It’s a very smart app to the very core – and by the way, Dubai is the first city in the world to use such a system.

Abu Dhabi Police/Dubai Police – Fourth, Our law enforcers are now just a tap away. You can report something, pay fines and access other essential services – anything related to the police. And if you are living in Abu Dhabi and have the Abu Dhabi license you also have options related to driver’s license.

CityGuard – Fifth, if you’re just visiting the capital for just a few hours, this could come in handy. This app from the Abu Dhabi government allows anyone to report incidents and/or complaints within the emirate directly to the relevant authorities. You can easily snap a photo or record a video or audio with the exact location thanks to its built-in interactive map. The most amazing part is that a case is automatically created, and you can track its progress.

You can directly download these apps and use in the necessary circumstances. These are very easy to use and userfriendly.

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