5 MONEY Saving Apps in the UAE

1. Here We Go

We all know that Google map works only then when you have an active internet connection also cuts a good amount of internet charge too. But this awesome app works like google map and shows the accurate direction even you are in offline. You can download the city location map and easily use it in place of google map.

2. Beam

More than 350,000 people living in the UAE using this app. This is one of the leading apps which is very safe and convenient to use. People use it to make payments. The interesting part is that you can have 30% award of your spend.

3. Cobone

You can have a nice shopping experience and much more using this app. You can easily select your payment option and pay for your desired item. Watch the video below.

4. Near Buy

This special app shows all the deals, sales, and offers in the mall as soon as you just enter the mall. This app will save your time and will provide all the existing offers in the current mall you are in like Dubai Mall.

5. The Entertainer

You can order from the nearby restaurants and have a unique code to get the discount. First, you need to select your location. Then select the restaurant from where you want to have your food. That’s it. You will get a discount code which will save you money.


Download and Use these awesome apps and share your experience with us.

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